People Are Praising This Cosplayer For Showing The Courage To Showcase Her Off-Makeup Look On The Internet


Japan is known for its culture, the humility of its people, cleanliness and more.

However, there is another aspect of Japanese life that is nearly as evident as others, and that is their love for anime. In fact, there are many anime characters that are famous throughout the world.

Nevertheless, the quintessential Japanese notion revolving around these anime characters may well be unique to Japan. This is the notion of decking up as one’s favorite anime character and playing their role.

Known more specifically as cosplaying, this is a favorite pastime of many Japanese, especially girls. In fact, cosplayers deck up as their favorite characters so well that people think of them as real incarnations of those anime characters.

Nevertheless, there is a cosplayer who has come up with pictures of herself in both avatars, i.e as a cosplayer and in reality. This has been appreciated by netizens. Indeed, it should be appreciated since cosplayers, in general, are afraid of bringing their off-make up look to the fore.

They are mostly afraid of people not taking note of their cosplayer role if they come across with their off-make up look. However, this cosplayer has not only shared her off-make up look on the internet but has also encouraged others to follow her with a hashtag in the Japanese language.

This has really been appreciated by netizens. Her tweets have been retweeted about 24800 times. In fact, by doing so she has nudged others to take the courageous step of cosplaying as well.

These people have become now convinced that irrespective of your looks and appearance, one can deck up like her favorite anime character if one has the urge to do so.

It needs the courage to transform oneself completely into her favorite anime character and again to come back to her own off-make up appearance. If you have it in you, you can become cosplayer irrespective of her looks.

The notion that one needs to have a perfect face and body to get into cosplaying has been shattered by this cosplayer herself.

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