People Born With Unique Traits That Are Simply Extraordinary!


Everybody is special in their own way, some may have unique personality traits that they have acquired over time, some may have learned to master reflexes that actually have made them super cool. But some people were born with unique traits that not only makes them stand apart from the crowd but also makes them simply extraordinary!

These people were born with unique traits that make them simply extraordinary!

1. Look at this boy with galaxy for eyes, I mean, human genetics will never cease to wonder you. He looks simply beautiful with these magical eyes of his!
unique traits

2. She was born with no nail on her left index finger. Must say that putting googly eyes on it was definitely look!
unique traits3. Like mother, like daughter, this beautiful girl was born with the exact birthmark as her mother and it is simply remarkable.
4.  She was born with a scar on her eye if you ask me that definitely looks like a beautiful flower to me!
5. His father has six fingers on both hands, I’d say that is definitely cool considering the fact that you can surely flip off someone with double the impact!
6. This guy was born with thumbs from both his parents, talk about deciding who’s the dominant gene! unique traits7. That happens when the universe itself wants you to win, way to go buddy!
unique traits8. He has got freckles only on one side of his face if that isn’t what being unique is I don’t know what is!
9. He has Warenburg Syndrome, which has made him deaf in one ear and also has made his hair turn grey, and given his eyes different colors. Whoa! That is quite a handful.
10. This guy has Ulnar Dimelia or more commonly known as the Mirror hand Syndrome, Oh well, aliens would be jelaous!
11. Aww look at this cutie, he has got elf ears!
12.  This guy has only four fingers in his left hand, and has an index finger for a thumb!


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