These People Were Cyberbullied By Their Best Friends For Years!


Cyberbullying can literally be the worst thing that can happen to you. But, you know what makes it a thousand times worse? When your best friends are behind the computer screen at the other end! These people have been cyberbullied for years and they couldn’t believe the reality when they found out!

You would probably wanna re-think your relations with your best friends because these people were cyberbullied by their best friends!

1. People are really messed up, you should really say to yourself that!cyberbullied by their best friends

2. Well, I don’t know whether she did this for fun, or just for the sake of it, but this really sucks.

3. No, please don’t let a bunch of people tell you what you should be doing. 

4. Look, pal, my suggestion to you is, ignore people, they are dumb AF!


5. This is definitely true! But you really can’t let that get in your way now, can you? 6.She wasn’t even your friend, let alone be your best friend. She was just a backstabbing bitch!


7. This definitely takes a lot of time to heal, but honestly, those punks shouldn’t let you from living your life!


8. I wouldn’t blame you for the nightmares.

9. Yep, you are definitely one hell of an inspiration for everyone! And That is how it should be!



10. Whoa! That is one hell of a move! And I’m really proud of you!

11. And, some friends, actually make me proud of friendship!

12. Well, relatives suck anyway, so I suggest you ignore him for fuck’s sake!

13. Oh, wow! That is just great!


14. Um, you should’ve talked to your parents about it and let them handle the matter!


15. Well, bullies, why can’t you just get your ow life?

16. I don’t think that they will mess it up, I think they’ll really solve the matter!


17. Your husband should beat the crap out of him. Not too good of a husband it seems.

18. You know you can escape everyone but one, KARMA!

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19. And that is what every one of us should actually do!

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20. Ignore, that is my suggestion to you!


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