People Recall The Weirdest Experience They Had With Strangers.


7. Poor Lady. 


“The weirdest experience I’ve had with a stranger was, of course in Walmart. It was just before Christmas time and a friend and I were looking at hats when a woman walked by. We were in a pretty tight aisle and she had to squeeze through us so I said “excuse me” and she smiled and moved on. When she was walking away my friend told her to have a nice Christmas and for some reason he told her to have no worries. About ten minutes later she came back up to us bawling and told us that her son recently passed away and she wanted to thank us for being kind like him. She forced five dollars into both of our hands hugged us and walked away. We were shocked.”

8. This Is The Most Weird Experience Anyone Can Ever Have! 

Wierd strangers


“When I was 11 or 12, I was in the bathroom at Caesars Palace in Lake Tahoe and some 40-year-old guy comes in, walks straight over to the urinal I am using, looks down at my dick, nods and says “nice dick” enthusiastically (with a smile) then starts using urinal next to me. I am afraid to pee in public now.”

9. You Could Have Been A Time Traveller Like The Legends. 

weird strangers


“When I was in middle school me and my brother went to our local public library. Whilst waiting for our parents to pick us up we met our stranger. A guy with a back pack with boxing glives hanging from it while in a tank top an army camo pants, walks up to us staff in hand and tells us that he’s a time traveller. He tells us the government is going to take control of the world and they own google, and that google is going to purchase youtube. Then, pulling out a piece of paper with an email address on it he says go here an you will be briefed as we were selected to be time travelers to fight the government. This is where he salutes us an wanders off, and my parents arrive. I threw away the paper writing him off as a weirdo. However, google did but youtube, what if he wasn’t lying and now I don’t get to be a time traveler.” 


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