People Used Photoshop Hilariously To Get Perfect Pics For Instagram!


Today people are so driven by social media that everybody wants to make it look like they are the best or are having the best time of their lives. But, this isn’t what the reality is, people, create such a fake world and such a perfect view of themselves on Instagram that they often end up making terrible mistakes. Everybody strives to be better or have a luxurious life, but for that, all you need is hard work instead of faking it all the time. People these days hide behind endless filters and use photoshop so much that it becomes absolutely impossible to figure out the truth and often comes as a shock when the reality is out.

These pictures show that people shouldn’t believe perfect pics they see on Instagram because that is far from reality!

1. Jesus mate, you could’ve at least let your teeth stay natural, his teeth look brighter than my future!

2. Honestly, people should have at least a teeny bit of common sense before using photoshop. This picture is all sorts of ridiculous.
3. This girl is creeping me out, honestly, I mean how can people be stupid as to not realize what the human body should look like.
4. Whoa, this reminds me of one of those mirrors in a circus which shows different reflections when you look at it.
5. I can’t stop laughing, the look on his face is priceless. He is obviously shaken to his core, didn’t quite see this through now, did you?
6. Believe it or not, this Kylie Jenner on the same day on Instagram and on TV.
7. You don’t have to travel and spend your bucks when you can just photoshop and get away with it.

8. Tell me how did you manage to do it? How does one keep their hair dried while it is pouring and they are drenched.

9. If he’d spend the actual amount of time working out with the same dedication as he had shown in photoshop, he’d maybe then realize what humans look like.

10. If you want to know how to instantly lose pounds of weight, just use photoshop and Voila!

11. Are we still playing Sims? I mean, how do people not see that this looks absolutely ridiculous?
12. Girl, I’m deeply concerned with the means of your breathing, honestly, you’re worse than a bloody ghost!

13. A perfect example of how fake Instagram and celebrities can be. Seriously!


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