People Whose Online Orders Failed Hilariously


Online shopping is a miracle and it has kept no borders on what we can do just by sitting at our homes and enjoying Netflix until the delivery guy knocks the door and you know your product has come home. Online orders tend to be the shopping trend from a long time and most of the times you don’t have any problem with it until some seller does something incredibly stupid that makes you hate online orders or just laugh at them forever.

Below are some of those failed online orders that you can’t stop laughing:

I Bought This Cup For My Wife Expecting It To Change From A Black Cup To A Christmas Scene.

What kind of manufacturer does that mistake?

The Mini Carpet.

You should not rate 5 stars to products and not write reviews about them.

Blind Girl on the Cake of a normal girl.

Things online orders can make worse. A small typo cannot be forgiven lady, it’s your fault, but it definitely is hilarious that they actually fulfilled the request without confirming.

Help Required.

You just sort of… plug it in.

Miniature things are a regular thing that online orders end up in.

The cat will definitely reach the school on time, before the mouse at least.

Miniature Furniture for your house.

I couldn’t even put my TV’s socket on this, what did they think while making it?

Already hating eBay after this.

Who doesn’t clean their phone and sell it online for people to see?

The bear’s on a diet.

Or maybe it’s just a special edition or something that you got.

Ahhhh!!! Another Miniature furniture.

Are we talking about online orders or miniature orders? Where the seller didn’t mention the size of the products and people fell for it or did they do that on purpose.

Imagine being so lucky to have this.


I just hope this guy was paid back for this joke or else his heart would have shattered in million pieces.


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