21 Before And After Photos of Joggers. It’s Not What You Would Expect!


20. Most importantly, where are you going with life?


21. Also, is this how Deadpool feels like every day?


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When asked why he undertook such a project, Sacha replied ““I wanted to show the difference between our natural and brute side versus how we represent ourselves to society,” Goldberger tells us. “The difference was very surprising.”

It was indeed very surprising, wasn’t it? These photos of joggers are miles apart. It’s not like we haven’t seen ourselves in the mirror every morning when we wake up. It’s just that when someone puts your natural, true self out there versus the one with the mask on for everyone to see. Every man/woman must be comfortable with their natural selves. That’s the message I’m taking from this project. What about you? Please share your thoughts on this subject too in the comments section.


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