Photos That Show That Laziness Is The Mother Of Progress.


Lazy people often have to face backlash, not that they care, but seriously, it feels a little offending when people underestimate the power of lazy people. Believe it or not, these people are the most creative people you can ever find and this shows, that laziness is indeed the mother of progress!

These people are living proof that laziness is the mother of progress are we are absolutely astonished.

1. When you need to take the garbage out but you’re way too lazy for it. This is absolutely genius!

2. You won’t believe but I had pulled off the exact same trick on my mom, and honestly, it worked!
3. Hunger is an unavoidable necessity, but washing the plates aren’t one. Voila, use plastic wraps!
4. If this isn’t being genius I don’t know what is, he was Facetiming his Pizza!laziness
5. Who needs to work when you can just apply your brains and be lazy forever!
6. Okay, that is gross, I would definitely not do that, but apparently if you don’t want to go to the toilet in the middle of the night but you want the same comfort, you can use this!

7. He wanted to get out of work so he improvised and photoshopped a tire. Dude, I need photoshop classes from you.

8. Don’t have a place to keep your phone? Oh well, just improvise, that is what lazy people do!

9. You don’t need a replacement when you can just improvise!

10. When you’re too broke to get an AC replacement but air-conditioning is definitely no joke.

11. When you’re a King but you’re kind of running late for work!

12. This is awesome, I would honestly love to do this, all the work and none of the pain!


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