Photos That Went Viral But Were Actually Fake Or Photoshopped. 


People sure do have a lot of free time on their hands. Check these fake photoshopped viral pictures which kicked up a storm out.

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1. Trump Supporter Beat Up By Liberals. Not! 


The photo actually shows Samara Weaving, who stars in the Tv Series Ash vs Evil Dead. The is actually makeup, she posted this photo on her Instagram in January and the photo was misused by some news channels who claimed that this was a Trump Supporter who was beaten up.

2. Photoshopped Image Of Amy Winehouse And Lana Del Ray Hanging Out. 


This photo also turned out to be completely fake. Lana’s photo was cropped out from one of Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert and imposed on one of Amy’s.

3. The Fake Quote By The Late Alan Rickman. 


Turns out Alan never made this quote. This quote originally from Tumblr.

4. The Famous Selfie In Brazil Turned Out To Be Fake. 


Turns out that it was never a selfie. Just a guy photoshopped in to make it look like a selfie.

5. Mount Everest From Space. 


Nope. It’s completely fake. 


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