Pilot Captures Some Pictures From His Cockpit And Results Are Breathtakingly Beautiful!


Who on the Earth says that passion and profession are always at loggerheads? By chance, if there are some people of this notion, this article is for them. There is no one except for your own self who can stop you from being your own version. If you’re already following Santiago Borja, you ought to be aware of this fact. Santiago Borja Lopez, a pilot for Ecuador Airlines often finds himself in storms and many such breathtakingly beautiful situations which are obviously the perfect subject for his photography skills.

1. His spectacular shots have gained him photography fans from all around the world. People are still in awe of the pictures he clicked up from the sky.

Seconds after dropping our nuclear bomb over the Pacific Ocean

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2. In one of his interviews, he commented that ‘His photo was the true depiction of mother nature: It is so powerful and strong, but you can still appreciate its beauty and stillness from a distance away.’

3. He also said that ‘Although it looks like a perfect photo, much of it is based on luck and timing as for when taking pictures of storms, there is a lot of reflection.’

Pilot captures some pictures from his cockpit and results are breathtakingly beautiful.

4.  Being a Pilot for one of the South American airlines, his work involves flying over the areas that experience the breathtakingly beautiful natural phenomenon. 


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