Did You Know That Your Position Of Legs Can Reveal A Lot About You?!


While meeting new people and judging about their personalities we observe various things. But here’s one more that can reveal a lot about the person. His/her position of legs can reveal a lot about their personality. But how do we know which position of legs means what? Keep reading on to find out.

position of legs reveal about you


Here’s what your position of legs reveals about your personality!

As you know, body language can tell a lot about a person’s intentions and personality. And different positions, mean different personality traits. So the next time you’re in a group of friends or colleagues or new people, you can use this little trick to find a lot about them.

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1. Position A.

position of legs reveal about youvia

If you see someone sitting with their bend in such a fashion that both their feet are facing each other you can conclude this. The person is too much involved with their negative thoughts and problems. Not only that, they think that ignoring problems is the best way to get rid of them. They rather like to indulge with the problems of others. Such people are charming and interesting to talk to. But at the same time their childish behavior doesn’t let them think before speaking and often it’s too late before they realize what they just said.

position of legs reveal about youvia 


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