Pregnant Woman Sits By Tiger For Selfie. Watch When He Notices Her “Baby Bump”


Selfies make people happy according to a study conducted recently. In 2014 almost 93 million selfies were posted in one day on Android phones according to Google’s estimation. There are many incidents on selfies that have made headlines, but this one article is just incredible, it’s about a pregnant woman who sits by a tiger and clicks a selfie, then an amazing thing happens with the Bengal tiger when he notices the girl’s baby bump.

Pregnant Natasha Handshoe least expected this memorable moment to happen while visiting the zoo. Usually, tiger’s ignore people as they get fed up of the visitors, who was to know that this tiger would react in such a manner, after noticing the pregnant woman with her baby bump.

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Let’s track this memorable moment of this pregnant girl taking a selfie with a tiger and how it reacted when the baby bump was noticed.

The Bengal tiger sits next to a pregnant Natasha trying to get a selfie, which has gone viral.

pregnant tiger baby bump


She least expected what was in the tiger’s mind.

pregnant tiger baby bump


Usually, tiger’s ignore visitors since they are so fed up of human watching.

pregnant tiger baby bump

He tries to see the selfie she just took out with him.

pregnant tiger baby bump


He starts pawing at the glass trying to give a hint, which pregnant Natasha couldn’t read.

pregnant tiger baby bump


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