5 Reasons Prison Break II Wouldn’t Be As Good As The Original


4. Nothing could keep up with the intensity of the first Season.

The first season, not only in Prison Break but in most other TV Series too, is something that stands out. The set pieces, the twists, the sub-plots and the menace – all were top notch. This left the TV Series a victim of its own. None of the seasons could actually reach where the first left us.

5. Is there anything that Scofield cannot do?

We know what all Michael Scofield is capable of. It is pretty hard to believe anything other than what he has already done (or committed) in the original series. After all, it is only our love for him that keeps us going deep into the Series.

Prison Break II
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Anyhow, these are still speculations and we hope it turns out better than ever. All we want is our original Prison Break to be matched in terms of the greatness it achieved!


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