12 Prison Inmates Personally Reveal What It’s Really Like Being Locked Up


People who commit crimes are imprisoned and put in jail. Have you ever wondered what the inmates go through each day in prison?

Read this article and find out the things about locked up that the prison inmates reveal.

1. The Lucky Ones. 

Prison Inmates


“Breakfast is coffee with white sliced bread, mark, and a sachet of prison-issue ‘orange spread’, which I pretend is real marmalade… 8:25 am: Just before work is scheduled to start at 8:30 am, I notice there’s a list on the Level 2 whiteboard of which laundry workers are required. Only 18 out of the 60 of us. No doubt due to the usual excuse of ‘staff shortages’, or maybe they’ve just run out of dirty linen to wash. Either way, I’m among the ‘lucky’ 42 who get a morning off.”

2. Prison Inmates reveal they Lost Touch With Everyone they Ever Knew Outside. 

Prison Inmates via

“I ended up feeling disconnected like I no longer mattered to anyone in the outside world. Today, after 18 years in prison, I have no contact with any of the people I called friends when I began my incarceration; they’ve all moved on with their lives and so have I.”

3. The Routine Makes You Numb. 

Prison Inmates


“The first thing that surprised me about prison was the monotony that inmates suffer. Every weekday is more or less identical — week after week, month after month, and yes, year after year after year. The routine numbs you.” 


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