15 Relatable Problems We All Face While Taking Selfies


What did we do as normal humans beings before there were selfies? Serious question. Have you ever stopped to think about it? There was a time in place when we didn’t have digitally-savvy smartphones with front-facing capabilities—or Instagram—and the last thing that crossed our minds was taking a picture of ourselves.

As millennials who was born in the early end of the spectrum, we remember a time when polaroids were poppin’, your mother’s old photo albums were the equivalent of today’s “scrolling through your timeline,” and the only time you took a picture of yourself was when you accidentally turned the camera towards you while damn near-blinding yourself with the flash. Back then, this was thought of as a waste of film, until some game-changer came up with the concept of  “selfie.” Not all heroes wear capes; some invent selfies.

Nowadays, everything is about the selfie. You can’t go to a single place or event without witnessing it. One will even dedicate several minutes—maybe even hours—to master that perfect shot. But as most of us may have realized, taking the perfect selfie is no easy feat—as a matter of fact, it can be down right frustrating. Therefore, we’ve come up with 15 problems we all face while trying to snap that perfect selfie.

1. When your battery is almost over




You know what’s worse than running out of storage? You guessed it: your battery dying mid-selfie. You’re aware that your phone is literally on 3%, but you’re wearing your new fall lipstick, plus you put on eyeliner this morning, so what else is there left to do besides post a selfie? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It seems as if most people are never prepared for their phones to die, and I’m not sure why this is the case since we spend a significant time on social media, which constantly leaves our battery life in the red zone. Knowing this, why would we not make sure our phones are fully charged, just in case a selfie urge arises? I mean, what is life if you can’t take a selfie?! Honestly?

2. When someone photobombs your selfie




People can be so rude sometimes, right? Do they not know how important that perfect selfie is?! Seriously, we’re dedicating an entire article to it—it really is that serious. Just when you’ve settled into selfie mode, some jackass wants to photobomb you and ruin your entire photo. Come on, dude. If I wanted this to be a group photo, I would have asked you to jump in. Nonetheless, pay attention to who’s around when you’re trying to snap that selfie, as to avoid any unwanted photobombing.

3. Bad lighting



Any selfie expert knows that the key to a perfect selfie is good lighting—with the best lighting being none other than natural light. Like DJ Khaled says, this is a maaaaajor key. Many influential and successful bloggers swear by this, and I know from firsthand experience that it’s true. However, it’s not always easy to accomplish this given the different environmental factors that can make or break a good selfie. Perhaps it’s a gloomy day, and the lighting is just not up to par. Maybe you’re attempting a selfie in the bathroom, but the lights are all weird and leave you with an awful-looking filter. Perhaps you’re under fluorescent lights that reveal every single flaw you have on your face. Not cool. Get the lighting right, get the selfie right—certainly, a rule to live by! 


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