These Fault In Our Stars Quotes Taught Us The Best Life Lessons


4. Life is uncertain but death is not

Augustus and Hazel spent a lot of time talking about their mortality. But was Hazel really prepared for this moment? Life can turn your world upside down at any point of time, and when it does, it can hurt as hell. Being strong in all situations is what life is all about. It’s never the end before the actual end.

fault in our stars life lessons

5. “It’s not over yet”

Whenever something bad happens we always think that it’s the end and it cannot be any worse. Well, if you have seen the movie, you can see how hurt Hazel Grace is, still, she tries her best and by avoiding all the odds, she actually gets to fulfill her dream of life. If you have the will to live, no one can stop you.

fault in our stars life lessons about death6. It’s all about being together

Success and fame not always matter, it’s the friends and the people around you that matter the most. Don’t live a selfish life, but try to live for someone else. No one can really bring a dead person back but true friends can surely make a smile even when you are on your death bed and finally ready to say goodbye to the world.

” The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.”  This anonymous quote will be always my favorite.

fault in our stars life lessons about death


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