These Fault In Our Stars Quotes Taught Us The Best Life Lessons


7. Life is a roller coaster ride

Fault In Our Stars have taught us many life lessons and this is one of them, Who says life is short? Life is long and it’s filled with painful and terrible moments. Instead of thinking and worrying about the problems, think of the good things that you can get from this life. Be always ready and happy to embrace your death.

fault in our stars life lessons about death

 8. We all want to make presence

We all want to make our presence and want to be famous, but often people end up doing exactly opposite of what they always had wanted. It’s hard to be right and change the world. Someone always ends up getting Hurt ( hence the scarring). You can never make everyone happy and sometimes you have to think about what you want (but again, someone in the process will be scarred. Will be Hurt ). We all want to leave a good impact but it often ends up in a negative way.

fault in our stars life lessons about death9. Find someone worth suffering for

This is by far my favorite quote from Fault In Our Stars. You can never control what other people do or what they want, but you can always choose who you let get close to you. If someone has hurt you before, you can certainly make the choice in not letting them close to you again.

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” – Bob Marley

fault in our stars life lessons about death 


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