These Fault In Our Stars Quotes Taught Us The Best Life Lessons


10. Funerals are not for the dead

Funerals are for dead but technically it’s wrong. You can never deal with the memories and sometimes it’s too hard to forget a person who is never going to come back. When someone who was close to dies, a part of us also dies with them.

fault in our stars life lessons about death

Well, death is certain, no one in the world can change or stop that. Fault In Our Stars definitely taught us many life lessons, the most important one being no one’s gonna stay with you, life can change anytime. It’s us who have to decide how we can make the most of our lives. At the end, nothing is going to matter and nothing will be left, do something you are passionate about, do something that you always have wanted to do but never got the right time. It’s time to do the odds and make a name because ‘you only live once’.


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