This Is The Reason Why Dogs Lick Everything And It Totally Make Sense


Dogs are the most loyal and adorable pets a human being can have. They are always with you no matter what’s happening in your life and this is why people get so addicted to their dogs. Although I love everything about dogs but one thing I hate for sure is their habit to lick anything and everything. They lick everything from their private parts to sofas, as well as our feets. I have always wanted to know why they do this.

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Here Is The Reason Why Dogs Lick Almost Everything They See!

What makes us feel relaxed? The release of endorphins. We do physical exercises and other stress releasing activities that provide us comfort and pleasure. This is the same with dogs. According to Victoria Stilwell, a dog behavior expert When Dogs lick, pleasurable endorphins are released.

But Why Do They Lick Our Feets?

You must have noticed your dog licking your feet just 0after you had a shower or you are coming back to home after a long day. The dog finds the water on your feet more soothing than his own water in the water dish. Although in the second case it is slightly different. Dogs are attracted towards the odour of sweaty feet and thus they do it.

Reason Dogs Iick Everything.


Why Do they Lick Our Hands?

Its a gesture of love. They are showing their love as you feed them with your hands as well as you take care of them with your hands and this is the reason why they lick your hands.

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Why Do They Lick Air?

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I usually find it weird when I see my dog taking his tongue out in the air. I sometimes feel my dog is licking something from the air. According to a doctor, Jessica Potosky Dogs lick air to get a better sense of smell because they have an extra sensory organ in their mouths.

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Dogs Licking Their Paws And Butts.

Dogs usually do not lick their pawas without a reason and if they are doing so then they might be suffering from an infection or allergy. If you found your dog licking its private parts, it means either it is cleaning itself after excreting outside or it may need medical attention. There is also a possibility of urinary tract infection and that needs a proper medical attention too.

Reason Dogs Iick Everything.


Why Do They Keep Licking Each Other?

It a kind of grooming act that they do among themselves. They are socializing. Its kind of handshakes among them.

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