12 Reasons Why Men Deserve the “Crazy” Title More Than Women!


10.Guys often act to be totally into us when they’re not! 

They can make you feel special and wanted when they are actually not even into you. And when you start to fall for them they will label it as a kind gesture and friendly nature and move on.

men deserve crazy women

11.They lie! 

Yes! They do. A lot! They will lie to get out of situations and gain your sympathy.

men deserve crazy women

12.They call us needy when in real they’re the one who is selfish. 

If you ask them to meet you for lunch or dinner you’re probably selfish and only think about yourself. But it’s totally okay when at the middle of the night they are excited and wants to talk to you even when you’re busy. They’re not just selfish but double standard too!



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