14 Weirdest Reasons Exposed By Retail Workers Why Customers Return Purchased Items!


10. The dog that dies…

Sad! The dog died after eating the dog food purchased from a shop! The lady could have sued the shop or the manufacturers! But she just wanted to return it… Oh, wait, I forgot to mention, the packet was unopened! Now this is some scary reason why customers return goods.

retail workers expose why customers return goods
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11. Is there milk in Almond milk?

this lady returned the purchased almond milk stating that she has an allergy to cow’s milk. The retail workers tried to explain her about the almond milk not containing any dairy, but, she didn’t budge…

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12. This Garmin is Cursed!

A lady returned the GPS as it was no longer needed since her son got into an accident the day before! She more interested in claiming the return amount than being sad about her son’s demise! Crazy world, we can say! The retail worker was equally dumbfounded!

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