14 Weirdest Reasons Exposed By Retail Workers Why Customers Return Purchased Items!


13. Return it, but can you please wash it before?

This lady used to return clothing items frequently but they all had to be thrown out always! Why? Bad odor, like you, cannot stand there or else you will puke! Well, why would such bad smelt clothes get to just her and no other people? Something to think about?

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Image Source

14. The poor lobster

A guy returned a lobster. He bought him alive and since his party was a week later he decided to freeze him. Yes, the lobster was frozen alive. A friend told him he shouldn’t have done that so he returned the poor thing.”

And the retail workers could not even think of what to say to the guy!

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Image Source

This pretty much is it, people! If you too have seen any such things, let me know 🙂



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