Reasons Why Intimacy Is Not The Most Important Part Of A Relationship


Intimacy does not foretell love. In fact, love can thrive even without intimacy if it satisfies other criteria, and there are many criteria of true love other than just physical intimacy.

1. Intimacy Without Trust Is Just Physical Intimacy

People in a relationship should trust each other. Intimacy without trust is just physical intimacy.

2. Intimacy Without Honesty Is A Flop Show

You need to be honest about what you do and did and about everything you know about yourself and your family. There is no point in lying when you are searching for a life partner.

3. Intimacy Should Accompany Respect

If you are not respecting your partner, you cannot get intimate with your partner for long. Both the partners should respect each other irrespective of success or failure of individuals. There is no place for intimacy without respect.

4. Communication Is More Important Than Intimacy

Being intimate does not come easily. You need to communicate well with your partner. Excellent communication of feelings and desires between the two partners can bring about intimacy.

5. Intimacy Grows Up In A Loyal Relationship

Loyalty is trust. Partners need to be loyal towards one another. This alone can bring about an honest relationship and increase intimacy.

6. Happiness Blossoms And Leads To Intimacy

Intimacy does not happen without happiness. Only if you are happy with each other, can you grow intimate to each other.

7. Compromise begets intimacy

You may have to compromise with some of your desires and habits in order to let a sweet relationship blossom and be intimate with your partner.

8. The feeling of safety is important

If the partners don’t feel safe in each other’s company, the relationship is bound to break even if there is apparent intimacy.

9. Independency needs to be respected even if you are intimate

Everybody needs to have his or her own time and space even if he or she is very intimate with the partner.

10. Need To Look Like A Couple

A couple does and makes things together. Intimacy bereft of a partnership flavor is boredom.


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