Reasons Why You Should Never Fall For Profile Photos


Everyone is on social media nowadays and the basics needed to have a good profile on social media to gain more people to follow or add you is a good caption and definitely, a good profile photo. Good profile photos require a lot of work. You yourself definitely have the best photo of you as your profile photo as you want the cover of your social book to be the best no matter what. People generally got too far to get good profile photos and that’s exactly why they can’t be trusted. Generally, most profile photos are either photoshopped or something that is definitely not 100% you. You cannot judge a person’s beauty by their social media as it can be pretty tampered.

Below are some of the people who revealed their non-profile photos to make you realize you should never fall for profile photos:

1. How is this even possible?

profile photos

I could not even say they are the same person at all.

2. Unleashing Her Inner Sweetness.

She kind of looks like a strawberry in this photo.

3. When did she have time to grow a neck?

profile photos

Yeah, well, her real self seems to be missing one.

4. Another Neck Faker.

One moment you’re just this normal person on your profile photo and the next your neck doesn’t exist.

5. All the lipsticks can really hide a person’s face, can’t it?

After seeing her normal photo, I could say this is the happiest she might have ever been.

6. I’m horrified.

Can you imagine a person with that simplistic profile picture to do this as a fun activity?

7. Do I know you?

I can’t recognize her if I went to meet her on the basis of her profile picture.

8. The least faked of them all!

profile photos

But still enough for anyone to say it’s edited.

9. Even Charlie Heaton can misguide you.

The best example I can give for people that can fake you with photos is actors, celebrities, and people who you see on cameras.

10. Excuse me, What?


I’d be surprised if I ever saw the person with this sophisticated profile photo doing such stuff in front of me ever.


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