18 Wtf Redneck Inventions You Need To Check Out! 


Your average Redneck is always judged for being a Redneck. But have you ever wondered what these guys are really capable of? No? The check out these crazy inventions these people have made.

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1. Wow. That’s Genius. Look At The Beauty Of It. This Is Like Bending Mother Nature’s Will To Your Wishes.

Redneck Inventions


That Redneck must have been hungry as hell to make such ingenious inventions! Just sit back and let the river do your job for you. And every part is guaranteed to be equally roasted.

2. We All Know How Much The Redneck Love Their Monster Trucks. It’s Gotta Be In The Wedding Cake Too. 

Redneck Inventionsvia 

You gotta commend the baker for his/her hard work on this. It looks like the inventions of a mad scientist.

3. This Is The Ideal Car For A Redneck To Go To Prom In. 

Redneck Inventionsvia 

I mean look at it. This is like the most hardcore Redneck automobile inventions ever!

4. The Big Wheel Monster Trucks Are For Pansies. A Real Redneck Commutes In A Makeshift Tank. 

Redneck Inventionsvia

Technically it’s a truck with tank crawlers but you get the point.

5. Looks Like NASA Is Developing Redneck Spacecraft In Secret. 

Redneck Inventionsvia

Capable of going to the moon within hours. But it’s a killer for our ozone layer.

6. Ladies And Gentlemen, This Is The Ultimate Hilbily Watermobile. 

Redneck Inventionsvia

Enjoy your ride.

7. You Might Think It’s A Broom But The People Of The Deep South Think Otherwise. 

Redneck Inventionsvia

Sausages anyone?

8. Godamnit Now That’s What I Call Genius Inventions! This Is Awesome! 

Redneck Inventionsvia

Mowing the lawn suddenly became more fun and healthier.

9. This Thing Looks Legit. I’m Not Sure How Hygienic It Is. 

Redneck Inventionsvia 

Oh look I’m gonna be shitting down VLC Media Player’s mouth! How neat!

10. They Even Hooked It Up On The Stove. 

Redneck Inventionsvia

10 points for the sheer genius of it.

11. Three Words: What The Fuck? 

Redneck Inventionsvia

Is that fir your not yet potty trained baby? Suddenly my childhood looks so dull.

12. You Know This Was Absolutely Necessary Right? 

Redneck Inventionsvia 

How else will the people of the world get convicted that Rednecks love their arms a lot?

13. Yep. That’s Duct Tape. All Of It. 

Redneck Inventionsvia 

These Redneck Ilinventions are getting out of hand. Where do these guys draw the line?

14. Just Imagine Going To School And Whipping This Shit Out In Front Of The Classroom. 

Redneck Inventionsvia

PETA just threw a hiss fit.

15. Why? 

Redneck Inventionsvia

Just get a tractor dude! Why all this effort?

16. An All Terrain Wheelchair? Now That’s What I’m Talking About! 

Redneck Inventionsvia

Why aren’t we funding this?

17. These Cans Look Good. *Wink*

Redneck Inventionsvia

I’ve seen people use these.

18. Now That’s A Neat Invention! 

Redneck Inventionsvia

Why don’t we have more of this?


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