These Are The 12 Roles That Your Favorite Celebrities Want You To Forget!


There are some roles we don’t know why did our favorite celebrities signed up for in the first place. But let me tell you, we aren’t the only ones who think this way, the celebrities themselves regret doing them. In this article I’ve put up for you, some of the roles that our celebrities want us to forget. Trust me when I say this, if you do not forget these roles, you might want to re-think the reasons for you to like them!

Here are 12 roles that your favorite celebrities want you to forget, And it’ll be wiser if you listen to them!

1. Jennifer Aniston in the Leprechaun 

There was a time before Rachel appeared on screen and we fell in love with her. The time was 1993 when horror genre was flying high in the box office. Everybody seemed to be loving getting an adrenaline rush and the celebs too thought of it as their big break. But, there are some films which barely made a record breaking entry, such as Chucky and Leprechaun. Jennifer plays the role of a Teenage (sort of) girl, who is chased by an evil leprechaun (in case you thought it was the kinky type!). Luckily she manages to escape from him, but she couldn’t manage an escape from the audience. More than horror, what the audience felt was pathetic acting skills which created humor more than horror on screen.

roles our favorite celebrities want us to forget


2. Angeline Jolie in Cyborg 2

Though when we look at her career list, the good to best movies are way more in number than the bad to worst list. But this is one such movie the actress admits that she regrets doing. Even though the actress was just 18, this was a terrible choice to make.

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3. Courtney Cox in Masters Of the Universe

The friends girls seem to be making the numbers in this list, well the Warner Bros.Courtney Cox is the second of the Friends girls to make an appearance on this list. This was definitely not one of the memorable roles played by this actress. This  movie was nothing but a rubbish adaptation of the 80s most famous toys and comics, and obviously the critics didn’t take this well at all. The reviews for her acting that we all might want to forget.

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