These Are The 12 Roles That Your Favorite Celebrities Want You To Forget!


4. Nicolas Cage in Fast Times at Ridgement High

Well the Gone in 60 seconds celebrity is one of my favorite celebrities and this is one such where we don’t see much of his acting. The film was no doubt a 80s classic, but alongside the star Cage didn’t have much of a chance. But I think it is just the minuscule part that we’d want to forget rather than the Sorcerer’s acting!

roles our celebrities want us to forget


5. Matt Damon in Mystic Pizza

Ah, I don’t even recall whether there was such a movie or not, but then again there are tons of movies our celebrities do. This particular movie was released 1988, but instead of the box office this landed up on the youtube years later. The movie direction was horrible, acting was no good either. The only exception whose presence was bearable was of the leads. Definitely one of the movies whose memories Damon wants to replace with The Martian!

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6. Bradley Cooper in Wet Hot Summer

One always expects Bradley to play the Heart throb that he is, but I wish somebody had told this to him in 1981. Well, though the movie might seem like making of another “American Pie” but it wasn’t. It was about a Jewish summer camp, where a group of friends got together to chill it out. Like our other favorite celebrities seeing Cooper doing a side role hurts.

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