These Are The 12 Roles That Your Favorite Celebrities Want You To Forget!


10. Madonna in A Certain Sacrifice

Madonna was no doubt a show stopper even back in the days, and hence one of the most favorite celebrities of all times. As stated earlier, movies back then were more into stripping under the influence of “evil” forces, Madonna wanted to try her luck in a horror movie too. The movie was the worst of its kind, and was banned before it could be released. Ouch!

roles our favorite celebrities want us to forget


11. Beyonce in Beverly Hood

Beyonce’s career didn’t take a smooth flight unlike the others, so a couple of bad films was definitely not to over the top. But despite the movie being horrible, we definitely cannot forget Beyonce’s acting so easily.

roles our favorite celebrities want us to forgetvia

12. Drake in Jew Jube Lives

Drake definitely has a list of roles that he’d want us to forget, and playing a Jewish rapper is definitely one of them, and rest assured Drake, we too want to wipe it off our memories.

roles our favorite celebrities want us to forgetvia


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