7 Salman Khan Tweets That Will Make You go FTW!


Salman Khan tweets are way hilarious!

Salman Khan gets the better of himself, yet again. After allegedly committing several crimes physically, he almost outdoes himself on a mental level as well. Like on the 18th of June in a series of interviews with around 50 Journalists, he came up with a bizarre and foolish statement, to say the least.

He said and we quote “(I did it) 10 times from five different angles. So, six-and-half or seven hours. Either, I was picking him and throwing (him) or else, he was picking me up and throwing me… So it was like the most difficult thing.”

He continues…

“When I used to walk out of the ring, I used to feel actually like a raped woman walking out… I don’t think you… It was most difficult… I couldn’t take steps. I would eat and then head right back to weight training. That couldn’t stop.”

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Let us not make this a place to get embroiled in any kind of hot discussion; we leave the rest to you guys to speculate. The National Commission for Women (NCW) has asked Salman to issue a public apology for his rape remark too.

It is not the first time Salman has said something unusual. He almost got instantly popular among English viewers too when he made the infamous virgin remark on the Karan Johar show! His tweets are rather funnier than most comedians, for they lack a good deal of intellect.

Let us focus on some of Salman Khan tweets that are way mind confusing!

1. Here are some wishing and re-wishing my sister!

salman khan tweets
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2. What the FLYing fuck?

salman khan tweets
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3. Here is a brain teaser for some of us!

salman khan tweets
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