10 Reasons Why Sarcasm Should Officially Be A Language


“Those who are against sarcasm, they don’t understand it” – Anshita Shukla 😀

Why Should Sarcasm Officially Be A Language?

Sarcasm gave us the will to stand stiffly in the situation where just words are not enough.

A Little sting of it shapes your words profoundly and make people realize what you wanna say exactly and also to shut them up. Well, I believe Sarcasm is a piece of Wit not everyone has. You Can Lie On People’s Face Without Actually Lying.

Here are the reasons it should be made an official language-

1- It Helps You Spat Back On Awkward Questions Without Fleeing out of Universe.


Perfectly describing without actually hurting, but insulting :p

2- You can Insult Idiots Without Them Realising.


Oh wow..! You insulted him..? Looking at you seems like nature insulted you.


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