11 Badass Gregory House Moments That Will Make You Nostalgic. 


4. He Owns His Patients Like A Boss. 

House badass


These are the most noteworthy moments of his sarcasm. He doesn’t care about patient etiquettes at all. The moment he sees and opening he strikes it down hard.

5. When He Attends An Old Friend’s Lecture. 

House badassvia

Even fellow doctors and old college mates are not spared any rudeness. In one episode he attends the lecture of an old college mate like a badass and keeps interrupting the lecture hell bent on ruining it.

6. When He Met A Worthy Adversary. 

House badassvia

House irks the wrong guy when he treats a cop rudely during his clinic duty. The cop hounds Greg for months and even manages to press drug violation charges on him.


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