11 Badass Gregory House Moments That Will Make You Nostalgic. 


7. All The Things He Did For His Pills. 

House badass

House was so hooked to prescription pills that he would do anything to get them. He would fake Wilson’s signature, swipe them off the counter and what not. He even stockpiled bags of Vicodin in his apartment.

8. When He Drives His Car Straight Into The Living Room. 


In of the most badass and wtf moment from the show. Gregory drives his car full speed into his ex Cuddy’s house and crashes it into the living room. That being done he justs gets out of the car and simply walks away like he did nothing.

9. OH MY GOD! 


In one of the most bizarre task for his team, he tells them that anyone who manages to get Cuddy’s thong will get immunity from being fired.


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