Crazy And Scary Things Airport Security Found During Baggage Screening


There are millions of travelers across the globe, traveling everyday and going through the necessary checks and scan. We should really thank airport security for showing the dedication and not compromising with any kind of security checks. People are aware of the high airport security checks still there are some who have tried fooling them and got caught at the baggage screening with some scary things. The airport security has revealed the craziest and some of the scary things they have found during baggage screening, have a look!

Check out the top 23 crazy and scary things airport security found during baggage screening, hard to believe !

1. Oh my ! Now that’s certainly scary

Karel Abelovsky, 51, was made to open his baggage at Buenos Aires’ international airport after airport security spotted reptiles at baggage screening. They found 247 exotic and endangered species in all, packed inside plastic containers.

scary things during baggage screening by airport security


2. Reptiles again

Airport security seized more than 134 creatures from a Filipino passenger in Manila, about to board a plane to Bangkok in Thailand.

scary things airport security found at baggage screeningvia

3. Human skull

In 2013 at Fort Lauderdale airport, security team at baggage screening found a human skull in a passenger’s bag. While the passengers in question claimed they had no idea of it, the security lines were slowed down tremendously as the area had to be treated as a crime scene.

scary things airport security found at baggage screeningvia

4. Ninja knives inside book

 On the right you can see two knives neatly packed inside the chapter 2 of a book titled: Ninja: The Shadow Warrior. Dumb idea?

scary things airport security found at baggage screeningvia


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