5 Signs That Draw The Fine Line Between “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” & “Life Partner”


2) A long-distance relationship shouldn’t be a reason to call off your love!

Is hanging out with each other and having fun the only goal of your relationship..?? Don’t you have the guts to ignore all kinds of distraction and focus on just what you have..?? If you find your  life partner worth the wait….. things are surely stepping ahead. After all, you know that even though if you’re miles apart now……. one day there won’t be even an inch distance!

How Do You Know Your life Partner Is the One?

3) You *should* know that your life partner is yours…….only!

A little bit of jealousy might just bring you two closer….. but constantly doubting and accusing him/her for cheating on you is not at all a good sign. Why should there be any place for insecurities when you both know that you’re one of those pairs who are made in heaven..?? Just trust each other and let no third person ruin the magic between you two.

How Do You Know Your life Partner Is the One?


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