Horrifying Selfie Of This Cute Couple Is Freaking Out The Internet


Today millions of selfies are being exchanged every day. People just love to take selfies, even more than water that they drink in a day. ‘Selfie’ was the word of the year in 2013. Selfies have become a new visual genre which has changed the world. One such selfie shot of a cute couple has gone viral in the internet world.

A very cute couple recently posted their selfie, cuddling each other with a mirror at the background. When you see the selfie at first glance, I am sure the snap will look so fine and loving with this cute couple. Then try and take a second look, this time closely, and you will get a “shock’ of your life.

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So, let us take you step by step to this horrifying viral selfie mystery.

source: the Chive

1. The Selfie

Andy Fuentes the boy takes out a cute selfie with his girlfriend  and posts it with a caption “I love my girlfriend even if she’s a Gemini”

horrifying selfie

horrifying selfie



2. The Mystery

Now observe the mirror behind the couple. What do you see? OMG, the young girl’s face is reflecting back in the mirror, how’s it possible when she’s facing the camera?

horrifying selfie



3. The Answer

The caption mentions that the girlfriend is a Gemini, who are usually considered as a ‘two faced people’ or someone with ‘split personalities’ Therefore, could this be a zodiac sign playoff or some paranormal crap.

horrifying selfie

horrifying selfie



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