15 Greatest Selfie Photobombs That Are Freaking Hilarious


The entire world is running on photobombs and you can see that with the effort the manufacturing companies are investing in elevating the front camera technology of the smartphones. Many innovations like the selfie sticks, the profound apps like the B612, Snapchat run on the selfie mania. Among all these innovations and developments, selfie photobombs are constant :p You never know what pops up in your pretty selfie.

Let’s have a look at the selfie photobombs phenomena.

Selfie Photobombs 16

It is estimated that humans across the globe take 1 trillion selfies a year on the whole. Only 23% of the pictures that are taken are non-selfies, and the rest include the self-portraits taken using the phones. As I’m writing this around 300 million selfies are updated on Instagram with the tag ‘Selfie.’ That being said, as humans, we love taking pictures of ourselves and posting them on the social media to gain attention.

However, there will always be a person who just bombards your photo by appearing all of a sudden only to make the selfie either hilarious, ugly, weird, different or exciting.

So, here’s a list of 15 greatest selfie photobombs of all time that you would love to see and laugh at.

#1 You may be cool, but can you be as cool as “The Rock” who photobombed the fan’s selfie?

Selfie Photobombs 01

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#2 When Kim Kardashian unintentionally made the selfie hot.

Selfie Photobomb 2

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#3 Was that intentional? Yes? No?

Selfie Photobomb 3

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