Sherlock Holmes 3 Release Delayed To 2021


Sherlock Holmes has been one of the best fictional characters there is and there have been countless screen adaptations of the character. In case you still don’t know who Sherlock Holmes is, let me break it for you. Sherlock Holmes is a detective, a crazy one for sure. He and his accomplice cum flatmate solve cases that are really hard. Sherlock is a really cunning detective who can sense what you’re up to with just a statement by you. He’s really famous and lives in 221 Bakers Street (a famous address). Sherlock telling things about people in one line is just purely amazing and that mystery makes everyone love the character. There have been TV shows, movies and what not on the character. A movie franchise of the same was supposed to release its third installment in 2020 but now, it can’t.

Below are the reasons the release is delayed:

Sherlock Holmes first released in 2009.


The movie was released on December 25, 2009, and had massive global earning of $524 million. People really loved the first movie.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows released in 2011.


Two years later, the sequel to the amazing movie came in December 2011 and also debuted on Christmas. It racked up $545.4 million and that was even better.

Since then Fans have been waiting for the next part.

And Warner Bros hasn’t been releasing any information until last year.

In May 2018, Warner Bros released a date for the third installment.


They announced that it would come on Christmas 2020 and everyone was excited.

Until recently…

They pushed the date further and everyone is unhappy.

The movie will now be released on Christmas 2021.


Yep, that’s a whole year’s delay and also that would mean the next installment would come after 10 years of the previous.

There hasn’t been any news considering the movie as well.


Since it’s announcement there was no news of anything from the movie and people thought the makers didn’t want to reveal it.



The real reason was, that nothing happened ever since they have not even started the movie. Even the script is not finalized!

Guy Ritchie isn’t directing the movie as well!

The director who directed the first two movies isn’t a part of the third one. Reportedly, Narcos co-creator, Chris Brancato, is working on the final script of the movie.

Fans are scared the movie will get ditched altogether.


There are chances if it gets delayed too much the project involving Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law might get ditched altogether. But, let’s hope for the best now, can we?



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