Signs That You Have A Crush And Are Crazy About That Person


6. Commitment

That’s pretty sure you won’t be putting your paws out in the world like you usually do and try to stay committed to that person, and even repel others so they are the closest to you. Basically, you’re committed to someone who might not be committed to you but you still don’t think of that.


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  • Since everything is hypothetical so you don’t only get committed; you go too far to think how good and long it can go without any hindrance from your side. You can call it one of the most prominent signs of developing a serious crush.


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I hope I cleared all your doubts and all these signs might be in your life. Even if not just go and ask them out before it’s too late and you regret it the whole life.

P.S. This may also apply to people who seriously fell for someone without knowing them and still root them and care for them secretly.

What is the worst that can happen? Other than just being friends with the person you love, before they have to choose someone else thinking the same maybe.


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