Signs That Say Your Girlfriend Is Crazy. Make Sure You Aren’t Dating One. 


Men don’t understand them. Women are one mysterious kind. They are the most beautiful creatures on earth but not all of them are sane. Some of them are batshit crazy. Here are a few traits of a crazy girlfriend.
1. She Makes A Scene In Public. 

Girlfriend crazy


Nobody likes to make a scene. Especially in public. But a crazy girlfriend doesn’t mind doing that. She will scream at you in public or maybe even get physical which can be quite embarrassing.

2. She Calls Or Texts Constantly. 

Girlfriend crazy via

She keeps calling until you pick up and then demand an explanation or worse, accuse you of something that you did not do. And when you don’t pickup she leaves unpleasant voicemails for you to hear.

3. She Hates Drama But Is Surrounded By It. 

Girlfriend crazy via

It’s funny how they keep saying that they hate drama but they are always the one with the crown on their head. 


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