Single Mother Finds Out That Her Foster Child Is Her Adopted Son’s Biological Sister!


Ife can really be full of miracles, some beyond our capabilities of imagination. But, we are thankful for these miracles because that is what keeps our faith in a supreme power in place. But, for this single mother this miracle came as a shock when she found out that the baby she took in for foster care was actually her adopted child’s biological sister.

This single mother found out that her foster child is actually the biological sister of her adopted son!

single mother

Katie Page from Parker Colorado didn’t have a really smooth beginning at her life.

single mother

After her father’s death, her marriage too crumbled, she was divorced and single. She had also been struggling with infertility issues. But, more than anything she wanted to become a mother.

single mother

Katie decided to look into adoption and foster care and in 2016 she officially become a foster parent.

single mother

Before she adopted her son Grayson, Katie provided a foster home to four more children. But she had developed a special connection with Grayson.

single mother

When she heard of a baby boy abandoned at the hospital she immediately wanted to take him to her care. On may 25, 2017, she officially adopted Grayson.

single mother

After only a month, Page received another call about a baby girl named Hannah who was abandoned at the hospital as well. Page took her in.

But what she found out later gave her the surprise of her life.

When Page brought Hannah home, she saw a similarity between the names of both Grayson and Hannah’s bracelets, both of them had the same biological mother’s name written on them.

Kate finally found out that these two were biological siblings abandoned by the same mother.

But Katie wanted to give Hannah a forever home as well.

So, on December 28, Page officially adopted Hannah as her daughter, she even established contact with their biological mother who was now expecting a third baby.

Kate hopes she can adopt Grayson and Hannah’s five month old sister this year. “People may think that being a single mother of three children is hard, but God never gives you more than you can handle.”, Kate told in an interview.

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