14 Snapchat Girls Only Send To Their Best Friends, This Is So Relatable!


Snapchat is the newest way to spend your time. Most of all, the youth is ‘head over heels’ into it. Be it boys or girls everybody is seen sending snaps regarding various events of the day. To add to it, people are using Snapchat to show their known ones how they spend their day. Due to this they are staying connected to each other even while being miles apart.

Girls have been loving this app. From all the filters to the weird snaps they can send only to their best friends. Furthermore, there is a category of snaps which girls only send each other or only to their girl best friends. Here are a few which we are sure girls send only to each other.

1. Introducing the new crush

Since we have all seen a cute stranger and we are sure we’ll never see them again. You got to play safely while clicking.

snapchat girls best friends


2. To the long distance friendship

Due to the long distance separating you from your best friends you are unable to do all the crazy things together. But let’s thank Snapchat here.

snapchat girls best friendsvia

3. When you’ve cheated

Finally one fine day we end up breaking our diet rules. And your best friends need to know about it because that’s what loyalty is all about, correct girls?

snapchat girls best friendsvia 


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