20 Snapchatters Who Are Totally Slaying The Life!


17.snapchatters slaying the life


18.snapchatters slaying the life



snapchatters slaying the lifevia

20.snapchatters slaying the life


Snapchat can be a bit annoying sometimes as the snaps and videos that are sent must be taken right at the moment which won’t provide you time to make your photos perfect but these snapchatters know how to make a picture funny and to take them at the right moments!We understand how much you have toiled around in twitter to look up your favorite celebrities and their usernames on snapchat so that you could follow every bit of them but aren’t you bored of their perfect life? These snapchatters shows us what the reality is with their killer sense of humor.

The people whom you keep in touch with the most are added automatically to your best friends list by snapchat algorithm and the total sum of best friends on a user’s best friends list by default is 3 which is quite a bit less if you are socially more active than a normal person is. But no worries, you can alter the total number to 5 or to 7 as per your requirements.



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