You Cannot Spot What’s Wrong With These 26 Unusual Pictures In One Go.


So you all must have played Picture Puzzle game in your childhood where you’ve to use your brain and fix the parts at the right place or point out the similarities. Didn’t you? Well, we’ve one of that kind today. Good at the optical illusion? Try looking at these unusual pictures.

You have to look at these pictures and figure out something unusual. Below are some of the Unusual Pictures which probably need to be looked twice for the revelation of mystery in them.

1. I know all of you must have checked out these ladies from head to toe and couldn’t figure out any catch to it.

You cannot spot what's wrong with these unusual pictures in one go.


You probably need to pay attention to the bench. Where are the ladies seated? That is quite evident from the shadow of the bench, though.

2. Nope. There’s nothing unusual with these pretty Sunflowers and that cloth behind.

You cannot spot what's wrong with these pictures in one go.

You just missed the sight of a peeping cat on the floor.

3. It seems like a Happy-go picture from a friend’s get together. Isn’t it? And ofc, the sofa is there too, unlike the 1st picture. So what makes it weird?
You cannot spot what's wrong with these pictures in one go. Via

Just count the number of girls and pair of legs. Surprised? 6 girls and 5 pairs of legs visible. Where are the middle girl’s legs? Think!

4. I have a personal question to ask. Why is it that in most of the pictures females are targeted? Not fair. xD 😛 
You cannot spot what's wrong with these pictures in one go. Via

Did you notice that man behind with his sunglasses on? You probably missed the photobomb.

Another catch is hidden in girls faces. If you are done looking at their bikini-clad bodies, pay attention to their Similar faces.

Let’s unravel the 3rd mystery too. Now, look at that man’s face and girl’s face. All similar. 


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