Ever Wondered Why Does Your Stomach Growl When You Are Hungry? The Reason Is Quite Healthy.


So, What makes your stomach growl? You just ate your breakfast and lunch is a long way to go but all of a sudden your stomach starts making some weird noises. Ever wondered why? I’m sure you are very familiar with this stomach growling situation. Our stomach growls when we are hungry and we think it’s an indication for us that our tummy needs something in there. In general, stomach rumbling is always associated with hunger and an empty stomach.

Do you wanna know why does your stomach growl when it’s empty? Keep reading to know the reason behind it.

1. Where exactly the noise come from?

The growling sound doesn’t only come from the stomach but, It often comes from the small intestines.

stomach growl when hungry

2. Why does our stomach growl?

The gastrointestinal tract is a hollow tube and it operates from mouth to anus. Its walls are made up of layers of smooth muscles. These muscles push food through the digestion process. During digestion gas and air bubbles also get into the mixture. When these walls are activated and squeeze the tract’s content to mix and propel food through the stomach and intestines, it generates a rumbling noise. It’s the pockets of gas and air that make this sounds.

The contraction of muscles is known as peristalsis. 

stomach growl when hungry

3. It happens all the time

Generally, this happens at all sorts of times — not just when you’re hungry. They’re not as loud when you have food in your tummy because the food absorbs some of the sounds.

stomach growl when hungry


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