Strange Feelings Women Go Through When They Start Dating Someone NEW


When we meet someone new, we often have this confusion within ourselves with what and why we feel what we feel. We either like the person too much, or don’t like them at all, but when you do like a person and start dating them there a ton of strange feelings that we go through. So, if you too are dating someone new and are confused with what you’re feeling, you’ll certainly find some answers below!

When women start dating someone new these are the strange feelings that she goes through!

1. You start paying attention to your looks more often.

Strange feelings

Women are as it is really concerning when it comes to their looks, and now when they have somebody to look good for, they definitely don’t want to miss a single chance of earning that compliment.

2. You seem to really appreciate their looks.

Strange feelings

Honestly, this happens, when you really don’t know a person, you barely care about their looks. But, a strange thing happens when you begin to date somebody, you find that person differently handsome from others, you start noticing minute details about their looks.

3. You seem to get a little nervous around them.

Strange feelings

No matter how confident a girl you are, when you’re around your man, something about him makes you a little nervous, you begin to shy away. This is how you know that he has some effect on you.

4. You start getting a little obsessed about him.

Strange feelings

Honestly, if you aren’t a little bit crazy about the man you love, then my friend, he isn’t the guy for you, because if you really like someone you begin to get a tiny bit obsessed with him and that’s normal.

5. You feel relieved when you hear from him.

This is definitely one of the best feelings in the world when you get to hear from the person you like. Even if the conversation is just for a few minutes, you seem to feel relaxed.

6. You start feeling exhausted by running them on your minds all day.

When you begin to start to date someone, they are literally all you think of and believe me, it can be a little exhausting!

7. You wait for them to reply to you, and every little thing looks really cute.

I now totally understand why my BFF used to get pissed at me sending her a huge ton of screenshots. Well, every text from him excites you and you find it adorable.

8. You have a lot of questions on your mind about him.

You absolutely want to get to know everything about him, and even the most inconvenient details seem really important to you.

9. You feel peaceful when you’re with him.

This is one of the best feelings about dating someone you really feel a connection to, you seem to be at peace when they’re with you. With them, everything feels a little less chaotic and you absolutely adore them.

10. You can’t decide whether you’re falling in love with him.

This feeling is as strange as it can get, to be at that point of dating someone where you don’t know whether you love the person or not.


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