Here’s What Stranger Things Characters Are Doing 33 Years Later As Grown-ups


Anybody out there who hasn’t seen Stranger Things till now? Well, you are really lame. This sci-fi TV series is the best thing that’s going on the screens right now. And with the increasing popularity of the show, the fans have already started imaging what the characters might be doing in their adult lives. But, one fan has fast-forwarded the characters into 2017 and sketched out the lives they might be living 33 years later.

Music Magpie imagines Stranger Things characters as grown-ups and has illustrated their adult lives.

1. Eleven.

The girl who had a really horrific childhood has finally overcome her demons. She is now working as a fundraiser. The 46-year-old talented girl likes to bake, and also do occasional tarot card reading. She opened up emotionally and blossomed, putting a stop to the unpredictable and occasionally dangerous unleashing of her abilities.

Stranger things characters grown-ups

2. Dustin.

Dustin is now a teacher and definitely one of the most popular Hawkin’s residents. He is now a calmer and more mature person. He definitely enjoys hosting parties and supports his friends Will and Mike.

3. Barbs.

Well, if she hopefully makes it to adulthood, the Magpie imagines her to be an investigative journalist. We all know how much she is in love with bringing justice, she finally exposes the harsh truth of Hawkin’s laboratory.

Stranger things characters

4. Will Byers.

Will definitely had the potential of becoming what he is now, a project manager. Well, it is not like he loves his work or something since he is often seen moaning about work to Dustin. But he has quite the happening life for himself. He is still carrying on his Garage Band and is very much dedicated to giving it a good platform.

Stranger things characters

5. Mike Wheeler.

He was and still is the most optimistic member of the group. We all know how much he loves taking the center stage with his knack for leadership and out of the box thinking, and this is what helped him become an Event Manager. In his spare time, Mike is the only member of the group to (secretly) maintain an interest in Dungeons and Dragons, via a web forum he runs.

Stranger things characters

6. Lucas Sinclair.

Lucas, practical and pragmatic he always got on with the job at hand, particularly when it came to finding his friend Will. The cynicism and stubbornness we saw in his attitude towards Eleven grew with age but serves him well in his rather dry career as an accountant.

Stranger things characters

Imagining them as grown-ups changes the whole idea of the series!


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