Strangest Family Traditions People Didn’t Realize Were Strange Until Years Later


Families are all about times old traditions that most of the times don’t make sense but how would they know? Families are found to have so many strange traditions like not using specific things just because they think it would cause some harm. And some different traditions like talking and discussing a movie while they’re watching it. It’s fun and all until you realize that doesn’t happen in other families but in the end, you know that’s what makes your family unique.

Below are some of the strangest family traditions people didn’t realize were strange until years later:

Christmas underwear on Head.

On Christmas day the family gave each other underwears. Weird, right? There’s more, everyone had to wear it on their heads and loudly say ‘Ooh thank you’ and wear it until everyone in the room had one underwear on their head.

Unrefrigerated leftovers.


Leftovers are not worth eating until they’re refrigerated. A family doesn’t refrigerate the leftovers but rather, store food in a microwave or oven but not in the fridge. The kids didn’t realize it was so unhealthy until they grew up but surprisingly no one ever fell sick.

Mango Eating.

Eating mangoes is normal and not one of the traditions but eating them is really messy and gross regardless of the taste. So, in this family in order to not ruin their clothes, everyone used to strip down in underwears and eat the fruit. Really weird but makes sense nonetheless.

A Quarter for a Firefly.


A grandpa told his grandkids that if they put fireflies under rocks, there would be a quarter under the rock the next day. More like a murderous version of the tooth fairy.

Three days of Christmas.

This family celebrated Christmas for 3 days, December 23rd is Ham Day, the 24th is Turkey Day and on 25th, they have Christmas breakfast. This looks like a not so strange but a great tradition.

Paying for TV by the hour.


In their childhood, this kid’s family told him that they paid for TV by the hour and didn’t let him watch for more than one hour. A nice technique for parents to stop their kids.


This family placed cardboard cutouts of recently passed away members on any family gathering so they could be and celebrate with them.


Every house has fought for TV’s remote. But, most families have different names for the device. Some call it “clicker'” which at least makes sense, but some other call it as “kachonga,” “flickey dickey,” “con,” “the buttons,” “squeezie,” and “paw device”, which gets even stranger.

Painting Stranger Stories.

This family used to go on picnics and along with the public, they made a circle and made really tragic stories about strangers they saw based on anything they saw and even named them anything.

No tissue family.



We use tissues after food for cleaning faces, right? This family didn’t believe it and passed a cloth rag to everyone and everyone cleaned their faces from the same cloth. This is really unhygienic and no one even realized that until later on.


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