31 Students Who Took Wit & Sarcasm To a Rocking New Level


Everyone stressed over a test at least once in their life. In my case, I get stressed in like every test. Whenever a tough question comes, I try to figure out the answers or leave it blank. But these students rather opted for answers full of sarcasm than leaving blank sheet. Even teachers couldn’t help but appreciate their witty mind.

Check these wittiest answers with perfect sarcasm that students came up with!


1- LOL I could’ve never imagined reading it like that.

students with sarcasm



2- Someone really needs to learn aptitude and reasoning from this kid LOL.

students with sarcasm


3- This kid is so me…!!! 

Well, don’t call them kids because these little students can be really sarcastic.


4- This kid got some real knowledge with sarcasm 😉

students with sarcasm


5- A real answer for a real question. Wish I was this enlightened.

students with sarcasm



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