Stunning Facts About Switzerland That You Won’t Find In Any Travel Guide!


Switzerland has always been one of those places on our bucket list of travel. And, many of us want to go there at least once in their lives. But, how much do you actually know about the country you want to visit so badly? Well, apart from the fact that it has a magnificent scenic beauty and is almost equal to heaven on Earth, you don’t really know much, now do you? Some may disagree with me and point to me the Switzerland Travel Guide but trust me when I say these folks, you won’t find these facts on any travel guide.

Ready to be blown away with these stunning facts about Switzerland that you probably won’t find in any travel guide!

1. This is probably a first but yes they have urinals installed in every public restroom for women. I mean, why though?

2. You can’t sure your doctor, doctors here are highly valued and you can’t actually sue a doctor for inefficient diagnosis and prognosis. You are to only get your treatment done from some other doctor if you’re unsatisfied with your doctor.

3. No need to go to the grocery store when you can have it just around the corner. Every locality has these wooden boxes installed with grocery items kept within which you can help yourself to. There is no shop assistant, you are to take what you require and leave the cash inside the cage. I guess people are very honest there?

4. Euthanasia is legal. I’m sure you’ve heard of this term before, and if you’ve watched Me Before You, you know where William goes for his Euthanasia. This is the second country in Europe where Euthanasia is a legal procedure.

5. Niva cars are actually very popular here as most of the Swiss men are by default military men and farmers, hence this cars is definitely a popular mode of transport.

6. You only get maternity leave of three months, yep, this is one of the harsh facts about this European country. Mothers are entitled to only a 3-month leave whereas the fathers only get a 20-day leave.
7. When someone has a baby they put up posters outside their doors to let people know, it is a way of celebrating the arrival of the new member.
8. Owning the scenic beauty due to the beautiful Alpine landscapes many Bollywood movies have their shoots here. But, that’s a fact that we Indians already know that, right?
9. Okay, if you really love your pets, please skip this point. Apparently, your pets can end up on your plates as a part of age long tradition.
10. If you’re taking your children out for a walk kindly put them on a leash. Yikes!


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