Stunning Photos Of Parents And Their Children At The Same Age!


As children, we often try to copy our parents from their pictures, trying do pose exactly like them. But, we don’t quite achieve to look as good as they did in their pictures. Well, as kids we may not have the abilities to copy, but the genes don’t go away. Yep, children are all but two halves of their parents and these pictures of parents and children at the same age prove it!

These stunning photos of parents and their children at the same age will definitely overwhelm you!

1. Not a police officer yet, but definitely has got the looks!
same age

2. Look at this beautiful and cute father and daughter duo, no wonder she’s his daughter after all!
same age
3. Like mother, like daughter. How do they look so similar to each other?
same age
4. She definitely every bit her mother in term of looks and cuteness.
same age
5. That expression though! Looks like daddy send his expressions over to his as well!
same age
6. Here we have another cute father and daughter duo, they look like twins, don’t they?

7. This daughter has definitely got this cute yet killer smile from her father.

8. Years may pass, but these memories will stay the same, just a great feeling when you look just like your mother.

9. Aww, both mom and daughter knew how to steal hearts right from the time they could barely walk.

10. The outfit, the clothes and of course the pose, wait for a second, the smile too. Definitely his father’s son.

11. This mother and daughter duo look more like siblings rather than parent and child.

12. That is one hell of a gene, grandmother, mother, and this little cutie, they all look the same, don’t they?

13. Picture of mother and daughter visiting the Stonehenge at the same age. Unbelievable how everything stayed the same isn’t it?

14. Aww, look at this cute little girl trying to look just like her mom.
15. Now, that’s what I’m talking about, trying to look just like your mother never grows old!
same age


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